Tulsa Community College

4,039 employees in fiscal year 2019
Total payroll: $61,581,168

Top Earners

Name Job Pay
Leigh B Goodson President And CEO $303,713
Cynthia K Hess Sr VP & Chief Academic Officer $201,566
Mackenzie E Murphy-Wilfong General Counsel $185,653
Sean A Weins Vice President Admin and COO $164,966
Michael C Siftar Chief Technology Officer $151,700
Sandra D Cooper Chief Human Resources Officer $151,700
Mark R Mcmullen Chief Financial Officer $147,900
Jan L Clayton Senior Student Affairs Officer $125,460
Robert G Stone Provost $125,183
Eunice N Tarver Provost/AVP Divers & Inclusion $124,572
Peter J Selden Vice President Workforce Dev $112,200
Kelly C Fonkalsrud Dean Visual & Performing Arts $104,231
Suzanne B Reese Assistant Professor $102,180
Lindsay C White Sr Strategy Advisor to Pres $98,577
Lauren F Brookey Vice Pres External Affairs $95,706
Lyn B Kent Dean Science and Mathematics $95,106
Eileen L Kenney Asst VP Enrollment Management $95,013
Tracy A Skopek Dean Lib Arts & Communication $94,299
Michael J Limas Dir Academic & Campus Services $93,710
Jennifer E Campbell Associate Professor/Coord $93,478

Tulsa Community College pay breakdown

Pay type Paid Percentage
Employee Exp.Allow-Reportable$114,6150%
Holiday Pay - Payroll Only$2,370,3874%
Overtime Wages$269,3830%
Sals-H.Ed Non-Prof. Pay$17,703,69829%
Sals-H.Ed Other Teach Pay$10,270,68217%
Sals-H.Ed Prof.(Non-Teach) Pay$11,000,33318%
Sals-H.Ed Teaching Pay$16,263,69526%
Sals-Non-Reg Pay$3,403,1046%
Terminal Leave$185,2680%


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