The City of Muskogee has a critical need to address its Raw Water Line system. The 48-inch raw water line is approximately 33,500 feet long and transports water from Fort Gibson Dam to the Muskogee Water Treatment Plant, where it is treated and made safe for human consumption. It is the sole source of water for Muskogee and the surrounding area, serving 55,000 residents. There is no redundant line, meaning in the event of a breakage, the entire area would be without water until repairs were complete. The raw water line was installed in 1954 with a life expectancy of 50 years. This means the line is 15 years past its expected lifespan, making a failure increasingly likely with each passing year. Phase 1 of this project is to assess the condition of the water line with remote camera technology to identify critical areas of deterioration ($550,000 total). There is a concern that there is considerable deterioration due to the age of the line and the likelihood of zebra mussel and algae growth in the pipe. Phase 2 will be to repair or replace any deficiencies in the water line to ensure reliability of water service ($4,000,000 total preliminary estimate).


In 2017, the city contracted with Cowan Group Engineering to develop a water model of the city?s water system. The resulting report identified all current and upcoming repair, maintenance and expansion needs for the system. The report states, ?The replacement of the 48-inch raw water intake may be required as the condition of the 60-year old pipe is unknown. Until further investigation of the pipe?s condition is completed, it must be assumed that rehabilitation or replacement will be needed due to age. The concern of catastrophic failure would leave the City without water for public consumption and fire flow.?


Muskogee is the county seat and the largest city in Muskogee County with 36,878 residents (2020 Census). It is a regional hub city with residents from six surrounding counties traveling to Muskogee daily for employment, services, and entertainment. The raw water line proposed for assessment and improvement is the only source of water for 55,000 residents in five rural water districts and four towns, including the historic black community of Taft, as well as the City of Muskogee. Vulnerable populations include 17.1% of residents over age 65 and 24.4% of residents under age 18. Further, 21.1% are in poverty including 29.4% of children under 18. Muskogee County has a high percentage of minority residents with 59.9% of its residents White; 10.9% Black; 19.7% American Indian; 8.8% two or more races; and 6.6% Hispanic. Minority populations in general have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic due to decreased access to health services. The opportunity to assess and improve this raw water line will better serve current residents who are now adversely affected by our inability to address these issues due to financial limitations. Moreover, the remediation of identified problems will further promote economic development and provide stability to our community.


Completion of the assessment project will determine the extent of deterioration and needed repairs. Detailed data will be provided to the city by the firm contracted to complete the assessment. Project performance for the repair and rehabilitation phase of the project will be completion of the repairs according to schedule and within the established budget.






One-time project will not need continued funding


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Clean Water State Revolving fund $363,957.86 Dept of Homeland Security, Emergency Management Performance Grants $31,285.00 Dept of the Interior, Historic Preservation Committee $5,000.00 FEMA - Emergency management projects, Water Treatment Facility, Berm Build $123,953.02 DOJ-Mental health Grant $29,167.82 EDA grant-43rd St. Project $360,262.17 DOJ-Emergency Shelter $58,953.93 DOJ- bullet proof vests $1,275.80




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