WTP-01B serves as a critical component as part of a larger project that will expand the ability of the City of Edmond to fully utilize the available water rights in Arcadia Lake and provide clean and safe drinking water to a growing community in Edmond, OK. WTP-01B provides the following: 1) Provides piping to enable connection of the existing plant to the new intake and raw water piping (to be constructed in another project). 2) Provides piping to enable connection and metering of finished water from the new high lift pump station to the existing and future finished water transmission mains connecting the plant with the water distribution system for delivery to the community. 3) Replaces the existing, ageing, high lift pump station with a new high lift pump station to deliver water to the community. This will increase pumping capacity and provide a greater level of redundancy and resiliency to the water delivery system. 4) Provides a new electrical building with new medium voltage switchgear and standby generation to serve a new 12.47 KV electrical loop serving the existing WTP, new high lift pump station, and dewatering facilities. This will increase the reliability, redundancy, and resiliency of the electrical power to the Water Treatment and pumping systems and provides flexibility to expand the plant capacity from 10 mgd to up to 65 mgd in the future. 5) Replaces the existing ageing, unreliable, and difficult to operate Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) pressure filtration units with new gravity based GAC Contactors that expand capacity from 10 mgd to 30 mgd, are more robust, easier to operate and maintain, and polish the drinking water to enhance water quality and minimize issues within the distribution system. 6) Replaces the existing leaking underground clearwells with two (2) new 4 MG above ground clearwells to provide greater system resiliency in finished water storage and delivery. 7) Replaces the existing recycle pump station with a new recycle pump station to improve process efficiency and minimize water loss through the treatment process. 8) Provides a new 0.5 MG elevated tank for greater resiliency and redundancy in filter backwash water storage and delivery. The City of Edmond has been working diligently to upgrade water infrastructure since completion of the Water Master Plan in 2013. This infrastructure work is vital to ensure adequate and safe water supply for current and future residents of the community. A well-thought-out and calculated plan has worked well to pay for these upgrades, but this additional funding would be a significant boost as costs are growing at pace that is outstripping steady user rate increases. For example, this project was estimated to cost $130 million and bids recently came in at $192 million. Thank you for your consideration.


The pipe materials are based on age and verification when they have been exposed for line breaks over the past 20 years. Pipes containing lead are a known issue as are asbestos concrete pipes and they should be replaced as soon as possible.


The project area was based on low to moderate income areas and the water line materials in the neighborhoods. Newer neighborhoods with higher incomes are less likely to be exposed to lead or asbestos concrete pipes. Lower income families are less likely to be able to move to an area that contains acceptable pipe materials due to the increased cost of housing generally associated with newer neighborhoods.


The project area is identified through Edmond's GIS system and the project will quantify the number of feet of pipe replaced through engineering plans. Quantities will be verified throughout the process through Engineers and contractors installing the pipes.






Able to continue operation without additional funding from the State of Oklahoma


Investments in Water, Sewer, and Broadband


Drinking water: Transmission & Distribution: Lead Remediation




CDBG Funds Annually-Prior Federal FY $527,493 FTA Funds-Prior Federal FY-$693,208




Municipal government entity

Data source: Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services / More information ยป