Aerospace is growing to now become the state?s 2nd largest economic driver and having a viable and robust infrastructure is vital to its continued development. Oklahoma has one of the largest runways in North America located at one of only 13 FAA currently licensed spaceports in the nation. Only 9 states have a spaceport and other states are investing tens of millions into theirs or equal amounts to get one licensed. Oklahoma?s 2700-acre facility is a WWII-era former Air Force SAC Base that while providing a solid skeletal framework - improvements and technological upgrades are necessary. Crumbling buildings/structures need to be razed to open land for lease and development. Other buildings, including six Cold War-era hangars need upgrades and the historic air traffic control tower requires interior renovation and roof replacement as this builiding will provide ideal office space for companies to operate while utilizing the adjacent airfield and hangars. The water and wastewater systems require upgrades to sustain anticipated growth and increased capacity. Recent and prospective aerospace tenants have expressed a desire for technology and fiber upgrades including a ?detect and avoidance? system that will ensure the safety of everyone operating in the airspace during flight testing and development.


Companies and potential tenants must have, and always inquire about available space and the capacity of services to include high-speed access and the availability of water (pressure/quantity/quality) as well as volume and capabilities of our existing wastewater treatment facilities that also serves the city of Burns Flat. In today?s technologically-driven world, having readily available high-speed services is foundational. Most companies will cease inquiries and move on to other sites and locations if data on these capabilities is not readily available or adequately meets their needs. Not addressing these issues will leave a valuable asset vulnerable to an uncertain future.


The rural counties of Southwest Oklahoma include the tribal jurisdictions of the Apache, Comanche, Cheyenne-Arapaho, Delaware, Wichita, Caddo, and Kiowa tribes. The average household income is less than $50K, and the area is sparsely populated outside of the larger communities of Lawton, Altus, Weatherford, and Elk City. The major employers are Goodyear, Bar-S Foods, DoD (Altus AFB and Fort Sill Army Post), city, county, and state jobs, and the energy sector (oil and gas). Energy has been adversely affected by the pandemic and current unrest in World affairs. Given the historic volatility of these jobs, and the resulting transient nature of this workforce - bringing diversity of employment opportunity, stability provided through aerospace-related jobs, and economic consistency would improve the potential for sustained population and wage growth, and economic stability in Southwest Oklahoma and the entire region.


OSIDA is responsible for all water for the facility and wastewater for Burns Flat (pop. 1826), existing and future tenants, and all will benefit from these improvements. The water/wastewater treatment systems are original and existing dikes, dams and infrastructure require repairs and upgrades. An engineering firm and contractor with experience in this area would be required followed by state inspections and agency approvals.The fiber optic/high speed network buildout and expansion will be conducted by telecommunications contractors with experience in this field and measurement will be tied to adoption of the services by the community of existing and future tenants.






Able to continue operation without additional funding from the State of Oklahoma


Investments in Water, Sewer, and Broadband


Clean Water: Other Sewer Infrastructure




OSIDA maintains a Joint Use Agreement (JUA) with the U.S. Air Force to provide a training facility for pilots and crew operating out of Altus and Vance AFB. The funding is tied to the maintenance and operations for the airport only - runway/taxiway repair and maintenance, mowing, Air Traffic Control, maintenance and upkeep of all electronic airfield, navigation, and landing systems, and aircraft rescue and fire-fighting response unit. The projects identified in this request may not be financed using these specified funds.




State agency

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